Info for Team Members

This page contains information for producers, investors, and others who are signed on to the project or considering taking part in it.

Current Team Members

Jonny Lewis: writer/director
Shigeru Hirai: producer
Jason Ferrell: cinematographer
Kaoru Toyomura: script translator

Estimated Budget 

$110,000–130,000 (¥11.5–14 million)

Current Investors 

Jonny Lewis

(Seeking others)

Character Descriptions for Casting

Chiyo and Jenkins should be close in age, but he can be a little bit older.
Fune should look younger than Izawa.
The script has Haru as being older than Chiyo, but it would also be possible for her to be the younger sister.

Chiyo (35-45) : Bright, ambitious. Does not like being stuck in a small village.
Albert Jenkins (35-50) : Honorable, clumsy, loves kanji.
Haru (40-45): Chiyo’s sister, and cook for Izawa. Conservative.
Izawa (50-60): Mayor of the village. Incompetent.
Fune (40-50): Izawa’s wife. Smart, ambitious; married Izawa only because he was the best option at the time.
Kenjiro (40-65): Izawa’s aide. Prudent, loyal to Izawa, but also smart enough to look after his own interests.
Daimyo (50-65): Regional ruler. Powerful but not a tyrant; reasonable, enjoys the good things in life, including women.

Captain Woodbury (50-65): Only average intelligence.
Matsunosuke, Samurai (25-35): A little bit out of control.
Hikonosuke, Samurai (25-35): Calm.
American Sailors (20-50): They don’t respect Jenkins.

Script Progress

The current English script is 19 pages.
The current Japanese script is 17 pages.
The main difference between the two is that I’ve made Haru the cook for the mayor, which will allow her to have a bigger role, on the same level as the other main characters.

Main Character Stories

If you are interested in the film, please read the script on the “Script” page.
The sentences below give a general description of what will happen in the rest of the story.

Chiyo and Jenkins start to develop romantic feelings for each other. But they need to hide their relationship from the others. They also need to hide their incompetence, until they can actually manage to finish the treaty.
Fune and the Daimyo start having an affair, which they must hide.
Izawa and Haru were already having an affair, which they also need to hide.
Kenjiro figures out what everyone is doing. He plays them off against each other for his own personal gain. In the end, he is able to elevate himself above his position of humble servant.