The Saga Ninja Village Hizen Yumekaido is a “historical interactive theme park” in Ureshino, Kyushu, Japan. I’ll be visiting the village this September, when I attend the BonDance Film Festival. It looks amazing! There are also other interesting places nearby that I’ll be including in the story,

Ninja Village (27 Photos)

The theme park has 18 acres comprising numerous buildings and grounds.

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Hot Springs (4 Photos)

Since the hot springs are nearby, the movie will have scenes that take advantage of that.

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Mud Flats (1 Photo)

Won’t it be fun to watch a chase scene through these mud flats in the Ariake Sea!

Rice Paddies (1 Photo)

These ancient style rice paddies are another location that our story will take advantage of.

Kiln (1 Photo)

I decided our village should have pottery to sell, giving them a reason to want a trade treaty with the Americans. I asked Shigeru if this would fit, historically, and he told me that the area has been famous for its pottery kilns for centuries!

Eel (Video)

I had already decided that part of the story would be Jenkins enjoying his discovery of wonderful Japanese food. Then I found this local delicacy Jenkins might not be so happy to see on this plate!